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Reward points program

                                                                                            3Leavedcart Reward Points Program

This rewarding and referral program is part of our commitment to customers, We believe that repeating customer is deserved to get better deal and people who introduced us should get rewarded.

Current reward points program are defined as below. We have final and sole discretion to all reward points rules. We reserved right to change them from time to time.

1. Every new account registered with us will be given 400 points (equivalent to S$4).

2. Every successful referral will be given 200 points (equivalent to S$2).

3. Every subscription of news letter will be given 100 points (equivalent to S$1).

4. Every relevant and valid review written will be given 50 points (equivalent to S$0.5).

5. Every relevant and valid customer feedback/suggestion will be given 100-500 points on our customer service's discreption.

6. Every S$1 expending/purchasing in our store will earn 2 points (2% rebate on what you have purchased).

7. Every 100 points can be used to redeemed S$1 off from your cart in shopping cart review page. Minimum redemption is 100 points per cart.

8. Every registered customer with his/her birthday information provided may receive Birthday Points once a year which will be entitled for same redemption ratio as per earned points. Email notification will be sent two weeks before his/her birthday, the points will be expired two week after the birday.

9. All Point except birthday points will valid for one year. Email notification will be sent two weeks before expiring. However, 3Leavedcart reserve right to deduct points at any time from customer's account who has any intended misconduct/behavor against our services provided. Birthday points will be valid for 30 days.

10. All points are not convertable to cash and only redeemable in our shopping cart page with your selected items in the cart.

For further details or clarification, feel free to contact us at 63533779 or write to us at cs@3leavedcart.com.