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Question 1: Why 3leavedcart.com is reliable and trstable online shopping house?


First, we provide 6 -12 months product warranty,  3 days no question asked refund and 7days one to one exchange to all products we are selling, Please refer to our policy for details.

Second, we provide free on door delivery service with Cash or Nets payment which means you can choose to pay us only after you check the product or see a product demo personaly and feel happy with it.

Third, we are running our own website and having our own dedicated engineering test, product sourcing and delivery team, so our product quality and services commitment to our customers will never rely on others. On the contrary, a private pedlar will only get their merchandise from whole sale channel, nothing can be controlled and committed no matter how they claim.

Question 2: Why 3Leavedcart.com is selling much lower price than market while be able to claim high product quality.?


We all believe the truth -- "There is nothing free in this world", In traditional commercial world, price is indeed a reletive indicator of quality provided a fully saturated competition market existed and everybody in similar cost structures.

Ecommerce is a new commercial mode in which operator do not have to pay expensive shopping mall rental, instead, website will be shopping place. Though ecommerce cost structures are very different from traditional business, the overall cost of an online store is denfinitely lower than traditional store in shopping mall. 

In 3leavedcart.com, we believe this cost saving should belong to consumers who shop in our store, it should never be our extra profit. That is the reason why we can bring high quality products to customer meanwhile be able to manage a lower selling price than shopping mall does.

Moreover, we, unlike other retailer, order most of our products from manufacturer directly. By bypassing distribution channels, we can save a little too, At the end, we return all savings to our customer and achive much lower price than market, meanwhile, we do not save any effort in respect of product quality!  

Shopping in www.3leavedcart.com you have to break old thought of that "lower price usually means lower quality".


Question 3: Why 3Leaved express charge S$5 for delivery on order below S$48? Is it a reasonable charge?


Again, "There is nothing free in this world".  As we have set as low selling price as possible based on bare cost, we have no more rooms for providing free shipping to any order amount below S$48. In the matter of fact, S$5 is only bare cost to ship to down town, when shipping destination is in suburbs, we have to subsidise express service significant amount.

It might be unreasonable to us (as our average shipping cost is S$7 to S$8), but it is considered quite reasonable to consumer. Think about only transportation cost of taking BUS + MRT from Chua chu kang to Sim Lim square! not mention any labor cost.