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In 3leavedcart.com, there are three categorized brand products.

1. Well established or well known brand name products. We carry them some how same as other retailer, most likely from wholesale channel. You will find our prices are roughly same as others.  

2. 3leaved brand products, those product are consider as ODM products. We work with manufacturer or designer, start from product specification to manufacturing quality control.  With our much spending on time and resources on these products, you may find them with unique feature or functionality or best price over performance ratio.

3. Market branded products, These products are directly sourced by our independent sourcing team. We set conditions of product sourcing, such as at least one year on market, at least certain volume of production and sales to prove its quality and usability by market. Most of time manufacturer has a brand on it. You may find some of them are also with good price over performance ratio.